Quality Assurance

Quality Web Biz is committed to provide 100% assurance on best quality functional management service & system. At Quality Web Biz we focus on not just satisfying our customer but to fulfill their all wishes. We have empowered latest technologies to render best quality products & services. With exact planning and robust processes in place we deliver our best award winning project in a short TAT and at a reduced cost.

Procedures for Quality Control

1. Thorough analysis on the business system and need of clients

Our specialists analyze the existing business status and requirement of the clients and proceed to finalize the deal.

2. Project development /Test Plan preparation

A detailed Project development plan is created that comprises of delivery dates for different milestones along with the projected efforts.

3. Test case research

Based on the review, QC Test Reports are made through the setting & requirement based techniques. Throughout this test, all the wrong settings are corrected with a proper review.

4. System testing method

System testing method is being experimented on an integrated system to find out the compliance of the system with its specified need. Many add-ons may be required to be installed here.

5. Unit testing method

Unit testing is a validation and verification process to determine if particular units of source code are suitable for utilization.

6. Functional Testing method

The test designers choose the appropriate inputs and ensure the correct output. There is no idea at all about the internal structure of test objects.

7. Smoke Testing procedure

Smoke testing ensures the crucial functionality of a program, but not bothering with possible details. All the functions will get tested here.

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